Custom Design

Pittsburgh Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry, Just got easier!

At Diamonds By Rothschild, we've always been excited about finding ways to let our clients make their pieces entirely their own, from choosing the metals and gems to approving each custom design before it goes to casting.  

Custom jewelry design is perfect for someone looking to craft that special engagement ring for the one they love, families creating special heirloom items, married couples looking to commemorate their time together, and anyone else who wants to create a special gift!


We like the term Co-Creation as you... Your part is imperative in the development and execution of your final piece.

Models are Waxed! Ready for plaster.
The Casting Process
We then need to clean the skin off the freshly cast metal!

Pittsburgh Jewelry Designers

Inch by inch the process is an interesting journey pairing old school craftsmanship and the latest tech, including lasers and 3D printers.

We love sharing the process Our open studio allows you to actually watch the work being done. For safety reasons please do not feed the Jewelers!


Located in the historic Clark Building, The "Jewelry Mecca" in downtown Pittsburgh, for over a century.  Our goal as one of the Clark Builder Jewelers is to reimagine the old days, bring craft back to the consumer and allow you to be an important part of the process. 


Make an appointment for a hassle free and enlightening consultation.

Pricing and availability will vary, and questions may be directed to us through our contact page or social media outlets.