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The Rothschild Trading Company and Diamonds By Rothschild has a rich heritage in the diamond industry. With roots in Europe and Israel, the Company traces its passage to America back to its founder, Efraim Rothschild. In 1964, at the age of 12, with a passion for diamonds and a grand vision of what was to come, Efraim chartered his own course in the business world when he took on an apprenticeship as a cutter and polisher in the capital of Israel’s burgeoning diamond industry, Netanya.

In 2001, after graduating from Tulane University, Henry joined his father in business, immersing himself fully into all aspects of the trade. In 2005, with the industry in a state of uncertainty, and independent jewelers feeling the pain of rapid consolidation and the effects of the internet, Henry established the Retail Jeweler’s Cooperative (RJECO, Inc.).

RJECO’s mission was to support independent jewelers by strengthening their diamond buying capabilities. The cooperative effectively organized a group of the nation’s leading independent jewelers into a consolidated buying group and moved them upstream in the diamond pipeline, improving margins and profitability.

Building this pipeline and now delivering direct to the consumer is our unfair competitive advantage.  So Now you can buy from where the jewelers buy!

Through RJECO, Henry became more involved in the diamond market, eventually forming the Rothschild Trading Company as a full-fledged supplier. What began as a two-man business in dossier stones eventually evolved into a full-service diamond purchasing and distribution center.

Today, the Rothschild Trading Company focusses on sustainably sourced recycled diamonds, and operates offices in both Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. As a participant in the second-hand market, the Company has taken the opportunity to support its business community by dealing honestly and openly, paying fair-market-value for diamonds, and providing as much support and guidance as possible to the pawnshops, antique stores, coin-dealers, and independent jewelers with which it does business.


We firmly believe in the moral, ethical, and environmental benefits of recycled diamonds. To us, there is simply no better way to create a sustainable, intelligent ecosystem of supply within the jewelry industry. Our hard-earned network of suppliers includes second-hand dealers, antique stores, estate, and private sellers. Recut diamonds are handled domestically, as is certification. Keeping a minimal carbon footprint is part of our mission of sustainability and our diamonds receive no large-scale industrial manufacturing.


Why dig for "New Diamonds"  When there are so many great ones out there already?

Really, Why? We pride ourselves on our Clean Cut concept in diamond trading. We only use "Post Consumer" Sourcing.  What we mean by that is, we take previously mined and distributed diamonds that we buy on the secondary market-  We "Re-Asses" and Re-Cut or Clean Cut them to be better than they were before. This process has no direct socio- political impact as modern earth mined diamonds and the carbon footprint is several thousand times less than earth mined or so called "lab grown" diamonds.

Clean Cut is the future of sustainable diamond jewelry and Diamonds By Rothschild wants to be the leader of jewelry stores in Pittsburgh that offers a sustainable product to consumers.